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Auto Horn Assembly Line (AD Line)
Products Introduction

The whole assembly line of automobile horn (AD line) focuses on the automatic whole assembly line of various external magnetic horns. The whole design adopts linear multi-segment modular structure design. It has the assembly technology of 3-inch to 8-inch standard circular external magnetic horn. It is widely used in the manufacture of loudspeakers in multimedia, audio, intelligent voice and other industries.Each manipulator has reasonable layout and convenient operation. It adopts industrial bus PLC control technology to upgrade and optimize the remote program. MES data monitoring system strictly controls the process, efficiency and quality. Electrical accessories all adopt imported brands to ensure the stable performance of the whole machine. The whole machine is divided into six sections: A: magnetic circuit assembly section, B: software section, C: software drying section, D: welding dust cap assembly section, E: dust cap drying section, F: finished product testing section. Each section can be operated independently, greatly improving the utilization of the whole machine. AD line represents the industry's most advanced automatic loudspeaker assembly process, overall layout, high-end&classy It is an ideal equipment for customers to realize China Industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing.

Product Solution



Project Name

Manual Opertion Mode


Staff Input



Staff Saving Rate



Assets Input



Capacity of Production



Failure Rate



Defective Rate



Scope of application

no limit

3寸-8寸Horn(circular external)

Line Charging Time



Staff Input Details

as follow

as follow

Manual operation personnel input and automation personnel input details

Traditional manual process

Section A and magnetic section (total: 7 persons)

1. manual T-iron glue (1 person) 2, manual magnet glue (1 person) 3, manual T-iron and magnet combination (1 person) 4, manual insertion gauge (1 person) 5, manual buckle rack (1 person) 6, drying 7, manual drawing gauge and blanking (1 person)

Segment B and Membrane Fragments (total: 14 persons)

1. manual feeding (1 person) 2. manual plasma treatment (1 person) 3. manual dust removal (1 person) 4. manual damper outer glue ring (1 person) 5. manual inserting sound coil laying damper (2 people) 6.damper center glue dispensing (1 person) 7. manual penetrating wire (1 person) 8. manual drum paper outer ring glue (1 person) 9. manual Drum Paper (1 person) 10, manual Drum Paper Center Glue (1 person) 11, manual Blank Holder (1 person) 12, manual Blank Holder (1 person) 13, manual Receiving and Plate Drying (1 person)

Section C, solder and upper dust cap (total: 12 persons)

1. manual feeding insertion and welding wire positioning gauge (1 person) 2, manual winding (1 person) 3, manual welding wire (2 person) 4, manual drawing wire positioning gauge (1 person) 5, manual shearing wire (1 person) 6, manual drawing sound gauge (1 person) 7, manual dust removal (1 person) 8, manual cover dust cap (1 person) 9, manual strike and prevent. Dust cap glue (1 person) 10, manual press dust cap (1 person) 11, manual press platen (1 person)

D segment, magnetized packing (9 persons)

1. manual feeding (1 person) 2. manual magnetization (1 person) 3. manual appearance (1 person) 4. manual hearing (2 people) 5. Spray code (1 person) 6. Appearance inspection (1 person) 7. Packaging (2 people)

Production Capacity:800PCS/H

Total input personnel of the above traditional process: 42 producers + 2 managers = 45 managers

Automated process flow:

Section A and Magnetic Section (2 persons)

A1) manual T-iron (1 person) A2) T-iron automatic turntable A3) T-iron automatic gluing A4) manual magnet (the same person as upper) A5) magnet upper turntable A6) T-iron and magnet calibration A7) automatic insertion magnet gauge A8) automatic magnet glue A9) mechanical feeding to drying box A10 (1 person) _A11) automatic basin holder A12) entering oven drying A13) automatic magnetic gauge A14) automatic blowing and suction A15) mechanical automatic discharging

Segment B and Membrane Fragments (5 persons)

B1) Manipulator automatic feeding B2) plasma automatic processing B3) automatic blowing and vacuum B4) CCD detection B5) automatic damper outer  glue ring B6) manual insertion coil playback wave (2 people) B7) automatic damper compression B8) automatic damper center glue B9) manual penetration wire (1 person) B10 automatic drum paper outer ring glue Glue dispensing B11) manual Drum Paper loading (1 person) B12) Automatic Drum Paper Center Glue dispensing  B13) Automatic Blank Holder B14) manual Blank Holder B15) Automatic Blank Holder B16) Automatic put into Drying Box

Section C, soldering tin, whole line dust cap section (4 persons)

C1) Automatic feeding of manipulator C2Auto flip C3 manual insertion welding line positioning gauge C4 manual winding C5 automatic soldering C6 automatic soldering line positioning gauge C7 manual shearing wire C8 automatic inversion C9 automatic sound drawing gauge C10 C11 standby C12) manual Dust Cap (1 person) C13) Automatic Dust Cap Glue C14) Automatic Pressure Dust Cap C15) Automatic put into Drying Box

D segment and magnetizing packing segment (4 persons)

D1) Manipulator automatic feeding D2) sticking EVA (standby) D3) automatic magnetization D4) automatic detection D5) manual Audition 1 (1 person) D6) manual audition 2 (1 person) D7) automatic spraying code D8) manual appearance detection (1 person) D9) manual packaging (1 person)

Production Capacity:800-1000PCS/H

Total input personnel of the above traditional process: 15 production personnel + 1 management personnel = 16 people

Sectional Technology Overview

AD Line Magnetic Circuit Assembly Section (Section

Description:Complete the automatic assembly of trumpet: T-iron, magnet, magnet gauge, bracket, drying, drawing gauge, dust removal, disc structure design, simple debugging and operation. Drying line adopts chain circular structure design, saving space, using universal central hole positioning, Very few fixtures need to be replaced for wire change

Staff: T iron and magnet feeder, 1 person. Manual stent placement: 1 person. Total: 2

T iron and magnet feeder, 1 person. Manual stent placement: 1 person. Total: 2

Capacity::≥1000UPH. Reject ratio:≥99%

Software Assembly Section of AD Line (Section B)

Description: Complete the automatic assembly of loudspeakers: basin frame, elastic wave, voice coil, dividing line, drum paper, blank holder and other processes. Linear structure design facilitates the allocation of personnel of different models and the addition of new positions, improves the operation convenience and comfort of personnel. The transmission part adopts synchronous belt processing and plate conveying mode, and the fixture adopts universal central hole setting. The AB dispensing station has the function of anti-curing automatic dropping and automatic weighing.

Staff: damper feeding, voice coil feeding, drum paper feeding, parting, blank holder feeding, total: 5 people.

Capacity::≥1000UPH.  Defective Rate:≤1%

Software Drying Section of AD

Description: Using the glue-dispensing and gluing parts of the front section of the processed loudspeaker (damper, drum paper, voice coil), the product is automatically dried in a multi-layer cubic oven with four-axis SCALL robot. The whole process does not require human operation. The cubic oven adopts multi-layer structure design, and installs a horn positioning device on the chain, so that the processed horn moves evenly in the polymer guideway without shaking and falling. The high-power servo motor is used to precisely control and realize the precise positioning of the take-out and release.The whole drying quantity is 650PCS, drying time is about 45 minutes. The convective drying constant temperature fan is used to spiral the heated air in the oven. The external structure design of the dryer is adopted. It is convenient to detect and maintain. The temperature control of the oven is controlled by distributed multi-induction probes, so that the energy saving environmental protection and high efficiency can be realized. .

AD Line Welding Dust Cap Assembly Section (D secti

Description: Automatic completion of the horn terminal lead welding, hat spot gluing and other processes, the use of linear structure design, welding department using two multi-axis automatic welding machine for terminal welding, optical fiber temperature detection and record preservation, stepping motor accurate tin feeding, to ensure that the welding process is accurate and stable. The assembly and removal of welding fixtures are realized automatically by using a manipulator. Horn cap dispensing and assembly can be automatically completed (cap automatic assembly depends on the specific product). After the cap bonding is completed, the cap pressing sample is automatically completed. Then the product is sent to a multi-layer stereo oven for baking and drying again by a four-axis robot.

Staff: manual distribution (1 person), solder fixture (1 person), manual wire shearing (1 person), manual cap (1 person) total: 4 people.

Drying Section of Dust Cap for AD Line (Section E)

Descrition: After gluing the trumpet covered with dust cap, the product is automatically sent to the constant temperature multi-layer cubic oven by four-axis SCALL robot for drying. The whole process does not require human operation. The cubic oven is designed with multi-layer structure, and a trumpet positioning carrier is installed on the chain to make the processed trumpet move uniformly in the macromolecule guideway. There will be no jitter and drop. High-power servo motor is used for precise control to achieve precise positioning of pick-up and play.The whole drying quantity is 650PCS, drying time is about 45 minutes. The convective drying constant temperature fan is used to spiral the heated air in the oven. The external structure design of the dryer is adopted. It is convenient to detect and maintain. The temperature control of the oven is controlled by distributed multi-induction probes, so that the energy saving , environmental protection and high efficiency can be realized.

AD Linear Quality Inspection Packaging (Section F)

Description: Four-axis robot takes the processed horn out of the oven, carries out the appearance inspection and labels manually, and the manipulator automatically flips the horn, and feeds it into the magnetizing coil for automatic magnetization. After magnetizing, magnetic testing is carried out, and then the polarity and sound quality inspection is carried out manually, and OK products are detected. After automatic spraying code, enter the manual packing. So far, the process of making the speaker has been completed.

Staff: manual labeling and appearance testing (1 person), artificial audio quality (2 people), manual packing (1 person) total: 4 people.

Auto Horn Assembly Line (AD Line)

Model:     AD-1            Spec 3寸-8寸  


From the first T-iron fittings to the packaging of horn products, the automatic assembly process of the whole set of horn, industrial-level integrated bus control, real-time monitoring of MES system data are realized.


1: reduce labor 2: improve efficiency: 3: enhance quality 4: management data

Shenzhen hangshaC Shenzhen Jiujuok Industrial Equipment co., Ltd. (www.jiujuok.com) is  National High-tech Enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales of the Dispensing equipmentMagnetization euipment, and Industrial Robot . Over the years, the company has been committed to product research and development and innovation, and has established long-term cooperative relations with a number of universities in China, such as Changsha university of science and technology.Obtained a number of national technology patents and passed "national authoritative testing, quality qualified products" firmly, won "China's independent innovation products" and other honors.The products are widely used in electronics (loudspeaker, mobile phone, computer), automobile, optical device, plastic products and other industries, and are widely favored by the market. Learn More

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